Saturday, January 19, 2019

This week, I...

Just a little list of things I’ve done this week that I felt like sharing with you all. Enjoy!
  • Found a love of waking up at 7-8am
  • Visited my grandparents
  • Almost went to a book store, but it turned out to be closed, so we went to a thrift store instead
  • Went to the thrift store and came home with a book and a vinyl for My Fair Lady (record players are the best)
  • Texted some friends
  • Received two aloe plants (my collection of succulents is growing rapidly, but so far this plant mom has everything under control 😉 *that’s what they all say, right?*)
  • Finished a book in two days and started reading another three the next day
  • Fell asleep listening to a playlist of songs by a band called Sleeping At Last
  • Took some Polaroid pictures and taped them into my journal
  • Watched a bunch of krist + u videos on YouTube
  • Saw the sun come out from behind the clouds for the first time in days (or weeks...I honestly can’t remember, haha)
  • Drank canned coffee for the first time needed creamer
  • Remembered I like Butterfinger candy bars
  • Did some planning for when I redecorate my bedroom
  • Watched snowflakes fall outside the living room window - while the sun was shining!
  • Brushed up on French history because why not?
  • Sketched in my notebook
  • Decided to write a blog post, and here it is <3