Friday, July 13, 2012

My Around-the-World trip

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere that appealed to you a lot?
Well, I've wanted to go to a lot of places! Just some of the countries and places I want to visit:

China- I'm attached to the people of China and would like to visit Asia someday.

India- I've just recently wanted to see India when I saw a photo of a family friend who lives there. I really like the saris and would love to own one! I've been looking all over for different saris!

Peru- I know a girl who is a Peruvian and I'd like to meet her in person! She's a sweet girl, too!

Washington, D.C.- The United States' Capital sounds amazing to visit. We live far away from it but there's always a way!

There are so many more places that I'd really like to see sometime but this post could not contain them without me losing readers!

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