Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upside Down (A Saturday's Selections Post)

     I could just about scream right now (but I won't because that would be kind of immature, wouldn't it? *wink*)

See, life's been changing a little right now. Grammar is not doing so well, my sister and I had our beds un-bunked (After I didn't want that to happen), I can't play a single barre chord on my guitar, and my journal is overflowing with updates on nothingness.

I don't do really well with change.

Life is good, I must say...but it's sort of 'boring' right now...and it's my fault that I'm bored. Oops.

My mind can run like a the race cars on those NASCAR race tracks (got that from my Mom, I guess!)...Round and round on the same track, in the same race, on a totally different lap each time.

Only, there's always at least one crash once in a while.

*Sigh* This is something, isn't it? I wish I could just disappear sometimes...and I sort of do.
I have a closet in my bedroom (two, sister and I share a bedroom). It's big enough to hold my clothes on one side and a few things on the other. That's where I sit when I need a break.

I wish there was a word for half-introvert and half-extrovert...I'm a little bit of both.

So I'll sit in that closet. I might talk to myself, listen to my MP3 player, read a book, play guitar (yes, it's big enough even for that!), or just sit there, staring at the closet door in front of me. And that's what I do in that closet. And it always seems to make me feel better after a few minutes.

But sometimes, I lose track of time...I could spend about a half-hour in there if I forgot that there is actually a life on the other side of those closet doors...oops.

I really like to be alone and I really like to be with people, but there are times when I can't decide between the two. So I do one or the other, and it's fine either way. That's who I am and that's how I like it. :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Compassion Blog Month is Back!

If you read my earlier Compassion Blog Month Post, you probably know what I'm talking about...If not, let me refresh you...

Beginning Tuesday, September 3, Compassion International will email a weekly writing assignment to members of the Compassion Bloggers Network and will publish each assignment on

The goal is to find sponsors for at least 3,160 waiting children. If you help, that will make a huge difference.

And there's prizes if you get children sponsored.

The grand prize is a spot on a 2014 Blog Trip.
The first prize winner and second prize winner has the option to attend the 2014 New Media Expo presented by BlogWorld or the 2014 Blissdom conference.

To be eligible for the above prizes you must get at least five children sponsored during Blog Month.

Also, Compassion has five prize packages to give away!  To be eligible for these, you must get at least one child sponsored.
Each prize package includes the following and more:
~$25 iTunes gift card
~16 oz. Compassion stainless steel mug
~12 oz. bag of fair trade organic whole bean coffee
All you need for entering is a blog and signing up to the Compassion Blog Network. Compassion Blog Month starts September 1st, so get ready if you're interested! Oh, and one last thing: 
Each blog post you write will earn you 10 contest entries after you enter the URL to your post in the Rafflecopter widget on Compassion Website. Submitting more than one blog post for each assignment is allowed, but each post must be unique and copying! :)
For more info, click the link here
Let's help save children from poverty.