Thursday, September 27, 2012

From the heart

To quote part of the email I received from Compassion, "It's time to wrap up Blog Month but not without one last effort. For this assignment, we want you to blog as if you are a sponsored child. God told us to become like little children. Remember? This assignment is about aligning with the heart of children in poverty. Write a poem about the sights, sounds and smells of poverty or write a letter to your sponsor, of 13 years or 13 minutes. Write about your feelings, fears, hopes and dreams, or imagine you've switched places with your sponsored child and write about the shock, stress and adjustments you have to make. You are a child living in extreme poverty. What do you have to say?"

Oh, dear! This is going to be tricky! I have never been very close to personal Poverty. AT ALL.

OK, I'm thinking.......

My Poem:
This is what I have to say
Living in poverty is a troubling way
To live, to be, to hear, to see
To have to know what it really means
Ten thousand babies without a life
A man with his children but not his wife
Many people who are poor
Don't know what they're living for
The hunger, the stress
My absolute best
To try to live in 
A world like this
And it's filled and filled and filled with
Just a little note: This poem was hard to make (I have never, in all my life, created a poem as big as this!). 
This was the last assignment from the September Blog Month  and guess what! On the 23rd of this month, 2,297 children were sponsored! That deserves something special!

Praise God for Compassion International! I'm glad I heard about this wonderful fight against poverty!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A letter to God

For week two at Compassion Blog Month (I'm a bit late, sorry about that) I am assigned to write a letter to God about letter-writing (fun, right?!).
So, here goes!

Dear God,
I have never written a letter to you before I'm supposed to be writing about letter-writing. This is going to be interesting! (:
Since I heard about Compassion Int. in Alex and Brett Harris' Start Here book, I've had a lot of fun sponsoring Priscyla! She's been writing awesome letters to me, giving all her love to me. She's impacted me a lot! (:
She is amazing and a great Christian girl. Priscyla writes to me about her schooling, friends, and prayers 
(She asks me to pray for her). I write about things like that, too. I tell her about events in my house, I ask for her to pray for me (It gives me more peace of mind telling her!) and I always send her stickers!
 I try to write so she can picture in her mind what I saw in her mind. 
I'd write tons of letters to her if I had more stamps! Writing letters and getting her sweet handwriting in my family's mailbox is wonderful!
Well, I've got to admit-Writing to You is fun. I have to do it again!
With Love,

So, that is my first letter to God. Wow, that was incredible! (:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Compassion Blog Month!

blog month
Dear Readers,
September is Blog Month over at Compassion International! Please click the link here to sponsor a child or to pray for the children and their spiritual lives with God.

This is changing the lives of thousands of children around the world, turning their eyes to Christ and getting to know Him personally. Help spread Compassion to the far corners of the earth!

"She loves me and I love her. What more can I ask for?"
Compassion's goal is to get 3,108 children sponsored between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30. Help to end poverty right from where you live. Let God use you to give even more love to these children. Give them the care they need: schooling, food, medicine, and more.

Girls and boys all over the world need sponsoring. Give them that love and sponsor them. I sponsor a girl from Peru and in every letter she sends me, she says she loves me. What a great feeling I get from reading those letters! She loves me and I love her. What more can I ask for?

Sponsor a child today and help spread the Word.

Remember 9/11

Nineteen terrorists hijacked four jets on September 11, 2001. Two of these planes crashed, intentionally, into the North and South World Trade Centers located in New York. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Virginia. But the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania when its passengers overtook the hijackers and attempted to control the plane.

Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six people died that day, 2,977 victims and the 19 hijackers.
Many lost family members and friends because of 9/11.

The rebuilding of the north tower is expected to be finished in 2013 but as for the people who died in the attacks, no-one can bring them back. But they can be remembered.
Please pray for the families who lost loved ones.

May we always remember, and never forget, the fateful day of September 11th, 2001.

Note: Information was gathered through

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ali's giveaway

Ali is having a giveaway over on her blog today. Click here to take a look.

I got my ears pierced last month and these earrings are so cute! I wonder how they are made.
Roses are very pretty and if I think my friend would like the earrings, too.

P.S. Please continue to pray for Asia and keep telling others to sign the petition! If you have a blog, please post about her!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Photo a day Challenge Week 5

This surely was an exciting photo challenge! Thank-you very much, Ali and Kianna!
It's really helped me to sort through my photos Although, one whole month is too time-consuming. I'm not doing it that long again!
So, here's week 5. (I was busy yesterday so I'm one day late.)

Day 25. Portrait of someone- Ela é minha melhor amiga ("She is my best friend" in Portuguese).

Day 26. Action Shot- Take action before the baby falls off his bike.

Day 27. Close up- I love bee pictures. It's all about patience!

Day 28. Angle Shot- Willow Trees- This is my brother's statue.

Day 29. Shadow- My friend and I.

Day 30. Food- I like grapefruit, limes, apples, bananas and lemons!

 Day 31. Sorry for it being a bit blurry. It was a great idea though, no?

And for September 1st I have a little special photo: