Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flower photos

Hey everyone! I have a lot of photos that are of flowers so I wanted to put some here on my blog.

I took this photo quite a while ago last year, I think!
I have a shirt the same colors as this flower too!

I'm a big fan of anything interesting on a camera,
 but I really like Macro mode!

My mom says I've got at least a thousand photos of flowers and stuff (and, um, that is actually sort of true in some cases!) so it doesn't matter what I show, I've still got a ton of other photos of different things!
Hope you like this post!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6:00 wake-up call on a WEEKEND!

This weekend was fantastic! On Friday we had to wake up very early so that we could get to our 'destination' on time! I had woke up at 5:52 A.M. but fell back asleep. It was about five minutes later when my Mom was waking me back up. My friend Autumn from Loving the seasons of Autumn and her family came and I got to ride with her in their car.

Upon our arrival, we opened the car door and it was pretty chilly outside! So we hurried to the building.
Y' know, why do they call it a building when it's already built?

Anyway, we got inside and we signed in for the home-school kids conference and when we were situated in our Team we sang songs, watched a skit and then we headed to the other side of the room for an obstacle course. Autumn and I were so tired (as were our siblings) that we took turns leaning on each other while we waiting in line!

After that I was introduced by another friend to a cute little six-year-old. She was so sweet, liked to talk, made sure I was standing, or sitting, next to her at all times, and loved to bounce up and down and give me high-fives as high as she could.

She was in the same Team as me, Autumn and our siblings, so she and I colored in pictures and made crafts together. I loved that she would sit next to me when we watched the skit and sang songs.
I told Autumn that "She seemed to like me a lot." She's a sweet girl.

We played a game called Captain On Deck (I love that game) and my little 6 year old friend wouldn't leave me at all! When the man called out "Three men in a boat" she was almost always somewhere in my 'boat'. The same was with the order "Man Overboard".

There were a few things in the kids conference that I didn't like but otherwise, it was worth the early wake-up!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh, wow! Another photo challenge!

OK, maybe this will be the last challenge I enter! Then again....Maybe not!
Well, anyway, here's one more photo challenge Aaliyah at Growing in His Image
This is the photo I'm entering:

Another Photo Challenge!

I am just as excited about this new photo challenge as the last one!
This one is from Moments in Time!
This is the photo I'm submitting:

If you want to enter this challenge or see more info about it click on the link above!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our 'new' laptop

Well, I think it was last week (or the week before) when our laptop came by mail. It's not exactly new and it's way older than our broken-down one but it works surprisingly better than the broken one (my little sister now uses that one as a toy!). Oh, and it was free! Some friends of my parents needed to get rid of one and offered it to us-Free!

So, with some help from my parents we got most of our important things off our laptop (including my photos!) and now I have my own external hard-drive to hold my photos and things so I am double happy now!
And, better than anything, God answered my prayers!

I am so thankful for God's awesome power and this was just an easy task for Him!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resurrection Sunday

Hi, everyone! We had an exciting Resurrection Sunday! Our grandparents came to our house and my older brother hid the Easter eggs. His ideas on where to hide them were hilarious! One egg he hid in some small garden cactus near our porch and another he hid in a drainpipe! But when we thought we had found all the eggs we found that one was missing!
We looked and looked.....and looked. But we couldn't find it at all! And my brother who hid the plastic egg couldn't even remember where he'd hid it! I guess we'll find it in the Fall when there's no grass around.

Almost all the eggs I found had a quarter each in them and I ended up with two dollars. And a minor sugar rush! We had lots of chocolate and marshmallow rabbits, Reese's peanut butter cups, and other things that we don't get to have very often.

And my little brother saw words on one of the plastic eggs he got in his basket. It said "Jesus Saves". The whole rest of the day he walked around the house showing the egg to us and telling us, "Jesus saves!". He was so cute!

Our Church service was great. Our Pastor talked about some very interesting things I never knew about.

This was where my brother hid the egg in the cactus.

My little brother says the funniest things sometimes! After he ate the arms off this
 marshmallow rabbit, he told me (He was so serious about it!), "I eated the bunny's arms off and now him can't hold anything!"

We love to die eggs! The multicolored ones were so fun to make!

How was your Resurrection Sunday? I'd love to know so leave me a comment if you want.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Photo Challenge!

Hi! I'm participating in a photo challenge! I'm entering this photo into the challenge:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playmobil Guinea Pigs

 Since one of my favorite animals is the guinea pig, I was looking at a website today about guinea pigs. There was an article on the website about Playmobil Guinea Pigs. I showed my little sister and she said, "Awww! They're so cute!"

Oh, and did I tell you already? My guinea pig Inca went to live at my Grandma's house (due to the fact that the owners of our house don't like pets in their house). Since we've moved my Grandma is loving her to pieces!
Inca keeps her company along with her little Shi Tzu Bailey.
I'm glad Inca found a good place to stay because I was running out of people who would keep her!

Well, anyway, my little sister was asking, "How much does it cost?" and, "Can I get it?". She loves this little play set!
She loves guinea pigs almost as much as I do so she's been jumping around while I've been looking on to see if it's any cheaper there. By one dollar!
Eight little guinea pigs, a 'grass' platform, and two lettuce heads. $7.99 for best price (or $9.88 if you buy new).
But she's loving it just the same no matter what the cost is!

Two of the little toys look a little like my last two guinea pigs which is cute! So if you want to check it out for yourself please click on the link above.

Tell me what you think of it!