Saturday, October 27, 2012

Village Ministries International

Village Ministries International is an amazing ministry that was started when a Nigerian bought a tape on the black market, and was saved in Christ when he listened to it.
I found out about these amazing aluminum coins that they make from my mom. They are available in 96 languages from A to Z. And they are free to order. No charge for the Gospel, but you can donate money to help this cause.
As the picture above shows, on the front is John 3:16, and the back is John 3:36.

I'll be ordering some soon and will be handing them out wherever I can! These coins are a treasure to be able to see! I am so excited to fill out the form!
My mom showed me some hand-outs of the coins (in their English version) and I took some home with me. I hope to give them to my friends when I get the chance.

If you are interested in this ministry and would like to own these coins as well, just click here and click on Order Coins below the picture. Have a nice day!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

One Night With The King-a movie review
 One Night With The King is a movie that tells the story of Queen Esther (Hadassah). Although it is not particularly accurate in most cases, it was quite gripping.

      Hadassah lives with her Uncle Mordecai when Queen Vashti is banished from the kingdom and the King searches for a replacement to be his wife. Hadassah is taken away by the men of the King of Persia, and is given one night with which to present herself to the King. She keeps her Jewish identity a secret under the name Esther as she is slowly accepted by King Xerxes.
After an attempt to take his life, the King is saved by Mordecai, only to forget and continue preparing for a war. But one day, Haman plots to kill Esther and her people, leaving Esther with two choices: Remain silent or face death by coming to the king without being summoned. Esther tries stalling for more precious time, but she soon realizes that she must decide.
Brave Esther fights her tempting thoughts and walks into the room where the king-and a full room of people-occupy. The king, much to the amazement of Haman and the crowd, yields to her and she escapes death. But Haman is enraged when she invites him and the king to a banquet. As they sit, dining, the King asks for her petition. She explains her holding back of the truth and shows a necklace that, when held to the light, shows the Sign of David.
The King and Haman stare in disbelief and King Xerxes leaves the room. Haman begins to beg for his life and the King returns, seeing Haman literally choking the queen, and sentences him to be killed.
Mordecai is made Prince in Haman's stead, and is shown with his scribes writing a decree that the Jews may defend themselves and take the property from their attackers. He ends the decree with "Mordecai...A Jew"
The movie concludes with the shadows of the king and queen standing together behind a curtain.

Besides the few kisses and short violence of the movie, this film was very clean. As I said, it wasn't as accurate as I would have wanted it to be, but over all, I enjoyed it immensely!
This is my free review. If you thought this was interesting, please tell me if you would like another one! (: