Saturday, October 27, 2012

Village Ministries International

Village Ministries International is an amazing ministry that was started when a Nigerian bought a tape on the black market, and was saved in Christ when he listened to it.
I found out about these amazing aluminum coins that they make from my mom. They are available in 96 languages from A to Z. And they are free to order. No charge for the Gospel, but you can donate money to help this cause.
As the picture above shows, on the front is John 3:16, and the back is John 3:36.

I'll be ordering some soon and will be handing them out wherever I can! These coins are a treasure to be able to see! I am so excited to fill out the form!
My mom showed me some hand-outs of the coins (in their English version) and I took some home with me. I hope to give them to my friends when I get the chance.

If you are interested in this ministry and would like to own these coins as well, just click here and click on Order Coins below the picture. Have a nice day!

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