Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Ever dreamed something so hard, you felt it was going to happen someday?
Ever thought something was going to end like you expected, but didn't (and, when you think of the way you thought it would, it sounds better)?

I've been having those moments. I'm learning French so I can go on a mission trip to Haiti. 
I'm excited, but I wonder if my French won't be as fluent as it should be and I'll be at a total loss! Doubt issues, huh?

Then, another event happened (quite recently, actually) and I had to stop and think about it for a moment. When I thought about the two ways it could have happened (the way it did and the way I thought it would), I thought, "Whoa, it's a good thing God made it happen that way! My way would've been a total disaster!"

Huge disaster, nothing less! Isn't it great that we have a God Who makes things work?

And mistakes, misjudgements, and all are unavoidable. 
This morning, I had a French lesson and I forgot three words from my flash cards, left out words in more than one sentence (and occasionally added a few, too!), and struggled on some sentences.
But my teacher (who is amazing!) simply told me, "French is not an easy language, but it's a beautiful language."
She said this in English, then French...and I felt better.

Some things don't work out the way I think they should. But it's sometimes better that way!
Life isn't easy, but it's beautiful. 

Isn't that a nice thought?

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