Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upside Down (A Saturday's Selections Post)

     I could just about scream right now (but I won't because that would be kind of immature, wouldn't it? *wink*)

See, life's been changing a little right now. Grammar is not doing so well, my sister and I had our beds un-bunked (After I didn't want that to happen), I can't play a single barre chord on my guitar, and my journal is overflowing with updates on nothingness.

I don't do really well with change.

Life is good, I must say...but it's sort of 'boring' right now...and it's my fault that I'm bored. Oops.

My mind can run like a the race cars on those NASCAR race tracks (got that from my Mom, I guess!)...Round and round on the same track, in the same race, on a totally different lap each time.

Only, there's always at least one crash once in a while.

*Sigh* This is something, isn't it? I wish I could just disappear sometimes...and I sort of do.
I have a closet in my bedroom (two, sister and I share a bedroom). It's big enough to hold my clothes on one side and a few things on the other. That's where I sit when I need a break.

I wish there was a word for half-introvert and half-extrovert...I'm a little bit of both.

So I'll sit in that closet. I might talk to myself, listen to my MP3 player, read a book, play guitar (yes, it's big enough even for that!), or just sit there, staring at the closet door in front of me. And that's what I do in that closet. And it always seems to make me feel better after a few minutes.

But sometimes, I lose track of time...I could spend about a half-hour in there if I forgot that there is actually a life on the other side of those closet doors...oops.

I really like to be alone and I really like to be with people, but there are times when I can't decide between the two. So I do one or the other, and it's fine either way. That's who I am and that's how I like it. :)

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