Friday, February 21, 2014

Building Snowmen

The little kids and I enjoyed creating snowmen a week ago.  One had no arms, another had no eyes, but each looked wonderful.

My little sister took a while to build this snow-girl, and used her Hello Kitty hat for it.  We used baby carrots, sticks and rocks for the faces.  The snow was very hard, and occasionally an "eye" would fall off and we'd struggle to push it back in.

One of my little brothers even put rock buttons on his snowman.  He made a plate of food for him too.  He was very creative, from the smile to the arms pointing up and down.

Then came Mr. Simple Snowman, who (though he has no carrot nose, no arms and no buttons) is very special.  My brother, who made him, didn't like that it didn't look good like everybody else's.  But don't you think this snowman looks fantastic?  I like simplicity.

Each and every person, just like these four snowmen, are different and special.  People need to know that.

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