Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Be A Shutter-Thug (A Poem)

*This was written after I created a poem, and one of my readers requested another one. Enjoy!

He texted me and said
"Way to go, shutterthug!"
I told him I had shot a bear...
With my camera

 So, to this day
(It happened last year)
I've liked that name
Kind of 'held it dear'

Because sometimes I
Use up memory space
And my card's filled up
Photos all over the place

So, to have someone
Call me that
Is pretty fun
And it makes me laugh

Usually I'm said to
Take pics of everything
Which is pretty true

But to be a shutterthug
Isn't so bad
And to shoot a bear, um,
Makes me pretty glad

So, if you take photos
And everyone says
"(Your name here), oh,
 Are you on Sports Mode? That's fast!"

Just take a short break

Take your eyes off the viewfinder
Say "I'm a shutterthug.  OK,
What's your career?"

Photography is great
And extremely fun
So be glad to be a shutterthug!

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