Saturday, July 12, 2014

City Reflections In A Car

I was hanging out in our van with my camera as my Dad drove us through town to Church.  I was using my telephoto lens (gotta be careful pointing a camera around in a car in the city...a photographer can get weird looks that way!), and we hit a stoplight.  A car pulled up next to the vehicle in front of us.  It was way too great of a shot to just let go.

I took a few photos with my lens zoomed in a ways, and then the light turned green.  The car sped off, and I turned back to taking photos of stoplights. 

That happened last month.

I was looking through my June folder, and found this photo.  I hadn't realized that I had captured so much of the street's reflections!  It was beautiful, I thought.  The best reflection photo I've done so far.

Have you shot photos, just having fun, and one of them came out better than you thought it had?  If so, I would love to hear about it!  Comment below and tell me what it was like.

P.S.  Did you all see the supermoon last night?  I'll be posting some photos of it soon, so keep checking back.  Have fun taking photos!

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