Monday, September 26, 2016

🍂 Fall Is Here 🍂

Hi, all! It's been quite a while since I last posted, and I have just one excuse for that - I've been busy, busy, busy working on photography-related things and odds-and-ends that I just haven't thought to write here. But I've wanted to write a post on the blog for a while now, so without further ado, here goes.

For the past couple of days, the weather has been fantastic! The windows have been opened to let the cool air enter the house, and the backyard porch swing has been very inviting since these past few evenings have been cool with a slight breeze.

In my spare time, I've started writing a book of short stories and poems I've written (and will write). My Granny inspired me in this particular venture - A while ago, she asked if I was writing much because she'd seen me writing stories in a notebook once, and she expressed how much she would love to read one of my stories. So I'm in the process of coming up with some writing prompts and the like for my book. :)

Now that the weather is gradually becoming cooler, I'm super excited to delve into my closet for some warmer clothes. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, especially since I turn into more of a fashionista during the cooler months. I'm a big fan of layers, boots with boot socks, scarves and knit hats, so I really get into the style side of myself then.

As of late, I've also started to attempt certain hairstyles I've found on Pinterest - I really like doing things with my hair, but sadly my go-tos are ponytails and braided buns. And then there's the fact that my hair is long, so I can't do every single hairstyle I see. (short story: I was attending TeenPact one year, and once decided to leave my hair down with just a flexi clip for decoration. One of the staffers really liked my long hair and she had hers up in a chignon, so she offered to put my hair up like that with my flexi clip. Well, my hair was so long and thick that the flexi clip couldn't hold it all up! But I've loved chignons ever since, and remind myself to bring bigger flexi clips to TeenPact. ;) )

September is ending and Fall is happening! I am beyond excited for this beautiful season. Hot tea, cute clothes, cool weather, bright leaves...What's not to love about Fall?

à la prochaine,

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." - Jim Bishop

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