Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogs I enjoy

Someone asked for a list of blogs I read so here is a particularly lengthy list of blogs I enjoy reading, plus a description and what I like about it:
  1. Ali (Surrendering all of me): A Christian teenaged girl, book reviews, photographer.
  2. Kathryn (Chatty Kathy): 13-year-old, story-writer, Christian, 
  3. Mikailah (Finding Beauty): Photographer, writer, teenaged, Christian.
  4. Emily Rose (Simply Vintage Girl): Christian, photographer, Noble Rose Press, homemaker, artist.
  5. Farmgirls (Seven Sisters): Sewing, recipes, homeschoolers, modesty.
  6. Nela (Beloved Star): Teenaged, Christian, reader/writer, photographer, recipes.
  7. Kianna (Kianna's Korner): Christian, writer, Bible Devotions, photographer, book reviews.
  8. Mia (Aspiring Homemaker): Homeschool grad., photographer, Christian.
  9. Hannah Nicole (I'm Hannah Nicole): Wedding, people, family and nature photographer, Christian.
  10. Amy (White Flag {a heart surrendered}): Photographer, Christian, reader/writer, homeschool grad.
  11. Julie (A Lily Among Thorns): Christian, photographer, encourager, smiler.
  12. Jaime Lynn (Diligently Waiting): Teenaged, Christian, reader/writer, pianist.
  13. Autumn (Loving The Seasons Of Autumn): 13-year-old, photographer/writer, Christian, loving God.
  14. Talia (Girlz Of God): Writer/photographer, reader, Christian, homeschooler, Talia Grace Photography.
  15. Miss Jen (Blessed Femina): Christian, Thoughtful Thursday, recipes, writer.
  16. Aaliyah (Growing In His Image): Christian, photographer/writer, inspiring, fond of vintage items.
These blogs are the only ones I can think of at the moment!


  1. aw, thank you, dear! :) this just made my day. you have many of the blogs i love on this list. :)
    Happy Valentines Day! <3

  2. We like the modest fashion ideas over at: http://freshmodesty.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the list!! My 12yo & I will be looking through these later :D

  3. Thanks for adding me! This is sooo sweet!!

  4. Thank you so much for adding me to your list!!!