Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday's Selections

This song, Promises, is a work of art. We need to "hold on to the promises" of God, trusting in Him every day. He's the One to search for in times of trouble.


  1. I love this song! Have you heard the story behind it? I heard an interview with Matt Hammit (not sure of the spelling of that name),the lead singer of sanctus real on the radio just this morning. He has a son who was having lots of health problems at the time that this song was written. The son had several open heart surgeries and I'm not sure what else. Matt said in the interview that people would say things to try to help him and his family through that hard time, but nothing seemed to work. Then a friend reminded him to just hold on to God's promises. He began to grow closer to God, and to claim His peace, and he faound that it really does help in times of trouble!
    And that is how the song was born! Please keep sharing Saturday's Selecions! I really enjoy it!

  2. No, Mimi, I never have. Thank-you for sharing!