Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Writer's Block

I can't think of anything to write about here at all! I've always had a bad case of writer's block when it comes to writing here on the blog. I have Pandora Radio on right now and (what a coincidence!) a song by Aaron Shust came up called "Give Me Words To Speak."

Right now I kind of need some words to write!
I'm on World Book learning about Haiti while writing this post (with my little brother sitting on my lap), listening to Pandora, going through recent photos, and scanning my Pinterest account hoping someone else in going to pin something interesting soon!

I know I have something to say but I just can't grasp it!

Writer's Block: Terrible thing! I can't get around it! I have to take a short break and hope I come up with a good subject to write about. Sometimes, I think of something the night before and the next day, I forget all about it. I wonder if I write better poems or take nicer photos than blog posts at times!

I go through my photos and find a few I can make a story, poem or a blog post out of. I sometimes make an a Capella song out of the photos if I feel like it (ok, so it's a Capella until I write out some piano music for it...eventually!).

And I always hope that when I put a lot of photos in a post, people won't skip to the photos and forget the rest! :)

And suddenly, I have myself a blog post...

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  1. Yeah, I have been going throught that lately. NOT FUN! Hopefully we will find our way out of it soon. :)