Friday, September 20, 2013

Do Christians Laugh?

OK, just saying...I laughed when I wrote that title. So, yes, Christians do laugh.

I'm bursting into laughter as I write this. Who came up with the idea that Christians don't laugh? :)

Or that they don't laugh enough...

My family and I spent Sunday with some friends and since we go to the same Church, I hitched a ride with my friend in their van. We chit-chatted for a while about some downright silly topics (like how tempted we were to eat the no-bake cookies we had on our laps...But those were for Church).

We had some good laughs.

 But this morning, I was writing in my Mom and Me journal (I write a short letter in a journal, pass it on to my Mom, and she writes back)...and I asked some questions I've been wondering on for a while. It had to do with something I thought was really funny, but wasn't positive if it was genuinely good for me.

So, she wrote back and I got answers to my questions...but I didn't like what I got. I ended up getting frustrated with myself, so we had a little talk. Just us two.

Although I still didn't get the answers I wanted, I understand what my Mom had to say. She tells me things like: "What you're laughing at shouldn't hurt people, shouldn't be offensive, and should reflect God in a good way."

And what I was thought was funny didn't make a good impression on my Mom.

So now I'm contemplating what's good-for-me funny and what's not.

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