Friday, January 10, 2014

Evening Chickadee

Last week, I pulled on my hoodie and gloves and went outside in the cold, looking for some last-minute shots before the sun went down.  A few chickadees were flying onto the trees lining our side yard, so I decided to take some photos of them with my telephoto lens.  Some came out blurry, and in other photos, the birds had already flown out of view and onto another limb.  But this photo was one of the few that came out very well, to my delight.  The sun went down just as I finished taking the last of my photos.  I was pleased to find this one when I emptied my grandma gave me a belated Christmas present: a 32GB camera card.  My 4GB card broke a few days before she came  (it was extremely old!), so I was super excited when I received it.

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