Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This past month has been a huge whirlwind of activity!  I finally got on to my site today, and I was so shocked when I saw that my last post was November 17!  Happy December.

It's been very different moving to the city after nine months in the middle of nowhere.  And the fact that our neighbors are extremely nice is, dare I say it, just a tad creepy.  I mean, I have never had such nice neighbors in years!  So when three different people rang my doorbell on the same day, I started to get nervous and happy at the same time.

We stayed in a hotel until we had unpacked a majority of the boxes, making it a livable place to stay!  It was kind of boring though, because the only thing we could do when we had time off was either eat at a restaurant (we didn't have all the kids with us, so it was less expensive), go back to the WIFI-less hotel and watch TV, or go to bed.  Basically, all I did in the hotel was watch CNN and Fox News while crunching ice.  I agree with you if you think that is weird.

 Now, we're all moved in (even though there are still millions of boxes...oh, if you could only see our garage!), and Kip, our dog, has a fenced-in backyard.  That's a lot better than a huge field without a fence.

Have a great December!

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