Saturday, October 15, 2016

Autumn Playlist

Hi, all! I am currently sitting in front of the computer eating cookies and listening to music through headphones (and I have a baseball cap on - who knows why I decided to put it on when I found it in the bedroom while cleaning the house). And since I'm listening to music - one of my favorite things to do - I'm gonna write a post about what I've been listening to lately and why. 😄

1. "My Victory" - Crowder
(I saw Passion in concert a couple months ago, and they sang this song and I was so inspired by the lyrics and what the band talked about during the concert. Every time I hear it, I break into a smile.)
2. "If We're Honest" - Francesca Battistelli
(I first heard this song on the radio earlier this year during TeenPact, and it's so lovely.)
3. "La Esperanza Frente A Mi" - Danny Gokey
(It's the Spanish version of "Hope In Front Of Me." For some reason, I like listening to the Spanish version of the album, though I haven't taken Spanish in ages - want to, but haven't picked it up again.)
4. "Live For The Drop" - Capital Kings
(I don't usually listen to rap, but I really like Capital Kings. And I got the chance to meet them on the Air1 Positive Hits Tour. So it's kind of like a flashback whenever I listen to their music.)
5. "The List" - Matthew West
(I love how upbeat and inspiring this song is! One of my favorites!)
6. "Start Over" - Flame
(Honestly, I don't like any other song by Flame besides this one. But it's such a deep song about God's forgiveness, and I like the vocals.)
7. "No Turning Back" - for KING & COUNTRY
(I attended a for KING & COUNTRY concert a while ago, and this song was one of my favorites from the concert. I'm so excited for Priceless the movie! Can't wait to see it!)
8. "Love/War" - Jonathan Thulin
(This song almost makes me cry. It's beautiful.)
9. "Happiness" - NEEDTOBREATHE
(I like watching the music video because everyone is running, and then it slows down and I feel sad. But it's called "Happiness," so I should be happy-ish, right? I don't know...)
10. "Northern Sky" - Capital Kings
(I think of the Northern Lights when I hear this song. At the Air1 concert, KB wasn't featured in the concert version...and I like it better that way. I wish Cap Kings would release a live music album.)
11. "Live Like That" - Sidewalk Prophets
(A great song with great lyrics. It's actually one of the first songs I listened to when I first started listening to the radio. Funny how songs like that just stick with you.)
12. "I Am The Doctor" - Murray Gold
(I started learning this song on the piano. I have a friend who loves Eleven, and I used to not really like Eleven...then I did. And now I miss Matt Smith's regeneration so much. And to think I used to not like Eleven!)
13. "Love With Your Life" - Hollyn
(One of my favorite songs ever! It's awesome!)

So that's my playlist! I listen to way more songs than just the ones on this list, but these have been my go-tos lately.

Happy Fall!

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