Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy November! Seems like time is going so fast!

I think Fall is having a bit of trouble. It's been surprisingly warm for the time of year. I just hope that cold weather will arrive with the coming of November. :)

I went to see a ballet with a family friend earlier this week. I've always found it so amazing how dancing can tell a story without words.

Matt Smith, the (awesome) actor who plays the Eleventh regeneration in Doctor Who, had his 34th birthday this past week, so I crocheted up a pair of bow tie boot cuffs. I got the inspiration from a boot cuff pattern from Crafty Tuts. Eleven is my second favorite regeneration (and if you're curious, my favorite is Tom Baker...he is the Doctor.), so I was super excited to crochet something "Bowties are cool" related. ;)

Funny thing is, once I finally finished the baby blanket I started forever ago, I thought I'd take a nice break from crochet. Not so - after a couple days, I was back to crocheting. I've completed three projects since then, with a fourth one half-done.

Aside from feverishly crocheting things, I've also been writing short stories and poems to put in a book. So far, I have about five. I'm hoping to have twenty at the very least. Let's hope inspiration comes over me. ;)

Aaaand I went to the library for the first time in months! I love books. I've read nearly every book in our home library, and whenever I can get to the city library I have the time of my life. I usually check out a couple books I've read before...usually good books on how to write stories. This time, I also picked up some Tea Shop Mysteries (I've loved those books since my Grandma accidentally left one when she visited our house...I found it and read it cover to cover in a matter of two days), a Sherlock Holmes mystery, and a few books full of famous short stories and poems. Fiction is hard to come by at my house...our bookshelves are mostly non-fiction, save for Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and some novels by my Mom's friends. So when I can get my hands on decent novels, I delve into them.

I think I hear a library book calling my name, so I'll sign off here. :)

à la prochaine,

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