Thursday, February 16, 2012

What NOT to try at home

Our house has a hot tub outside.
Last week was my first time in the hot tub. But it didn't go exactly as planned.......

 We were in our swimsuits and bathrobes with one towel for the both of us. My Dad fixed it up and took me outside. My bare legs were FREEZING! And when I took off my bathrobe off and set it on our porch rail it almost blew away! I literally jumped up and into the tub.

"It's hotter than hot in here!" I yelled.
Next was Mom. She was freezing just like me.
Anyway, we were up to our necks in hot water. Anything ABOVE our necks were super cold. That meant our faces were cold as could be.

After a bit my Mom was using the 'safety' side of her mind and she told me she was afraid of the fact that we were in hot water outside in the freezing cold with the wind blowing all around us.
She told me to hop out of the hot tub, put on the shoes I had brought out, dry off with the towel, wrap myself into my bathrobe, race inside the house and tell my Dad.

I searched around for the towel.....Of course it wasn't there.
So I hopped out anyway, found that it takes more than a second to slip wet feet into crocs, found the towel stuck in a place on the hot tub, grabbed that and my robe and ran inside.

I watched from inside as my Dad helped my Mom out of the hot tub.
And only then did I remember something.....I, in my crazed rush, had taken the ONLY towel and my bathrobe inside with me. My bathrobe was a necessity at the time but I didn't leave the towel with my Mom.

My teeth were chattering and my face felt like a freezing cold block but I was okay.
When my Mom had been getting out she had grabbed a metal bar and for a few seconds her hand stuck to it and then her swimsuit. But she was okay too.

When I dressed into my clothes I told myself, "It was nice and warm....Under the water."
My teeth continued to chatter for about ten to twenty more minutes afterwards.

So NEVER, EVER go outside into a hot tub at night in the freezing cold of ten degrees and expect to be enjoying the weather.


  1. Funny! I bet it was really cold. ;)

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  2. Hi nutmeg miss you I bet you were cold I have been in hot tubs lots of times but not in that cold of wether