Friday, August 17, 2012

August Photo-a-day challenge

  Kianna and Ali are hosting this amazing challenge! I'm 3 weeks, 2 days late today but I thought I might join in.

 Day 1. Simplicity- One of the simplest I have.

Day 2. Toes- My best friend's.

Day 3. Books- Some of my favorites!

Day 4. Color- I like this shade of pink.

Day 5. Little Ones- For theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Day 6. Water- For the birdbath.

Day 7. Sky- My friend agrees that the cloud looks like a horse.

Day 8.Where I stand- For my God.

Day 9. Night- When I should be in bed.

Day 10. Morning Routine-  Don't get me started!

Day 11. Bokeh- I really like flowers.

Day 12. Laughter- Laugh lots, Live longer.

Day 13. Hair- My Mom found this on Pinterest.
Day 14. Dirty- My friend's sister got dirty on purpose. 
My friend and I weren't so amused.

Day 15. Your Scent- Some of the others are a little awkward!

Day 16. Something Blue- Diapers count, right?!

Day 17. Flower- Orange is vibrant. So are many other colors.

Well, I guess that wraps it all up until next Friday! I can't wait!

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