Saturday, August 4, 2012


Three days ago, I got my ears pierced. I was so excited and nervous! My Mom took me to the mall and I had my ears pierced at Claire's. My best friend, her mom, our two older brothers, and our younger sisters came with me too.
I chose stainless steel posts since they were cheaper yet prettier to me than the 14k gold ones.
My friend said she had a pink version of the flower posts.
I really like them (I have to. For the next six weeks, I'm going to be wearing them!) and my friend kept telling me on the way back home that they looked beautiful.

We tried to eat at Chick-fil-a but the line was incredibly long! It probably would have taken over an hour or two to finally get to the front!

My earrings are a new responsibility and I like it. It stung when the posts went right through my ears!
Thankfully, I had them done at the same time! I felt a little crowded in with the two ladies on both sides getting ready to drill practically permanent holes in my ears! My friend's Mom said, "Don't worry. You'll be happy with it afterward." How right she was!

So far, nothing bad has occurred and I have cleaned my ears twice today.

I can't wait for the chance to finally wear the earrings my friend gave me when she came and the earrings my Grandma let me have! But that will happen around next year! Wow!

This is going to be interesting!


  1. My sister just had her ears pierced! :)
    I don't want mine though. :/

    awesome earrings ;)

  2. I got my ears pierced at the same brand store, and I was 13 at the time! Very happy for you! Enjoy your time! It was special moment for me- Now my favorite pair of all time is silver and shaped as a cross!