Friday, August 24, 2012

August Photo-a-day Challenge(Week 4)

The 4th week of Ali and Kianna's challenge! Enjoy!

Day 18. Fav. Product- This is my favorite for my camera.
Day 19. Sun/Sun Flare- I prefer to not look when taking pictures of the sun!
 Day 20. Handwriting- I had to practice writing Cursive for this! 
I haven't written Cursive in a few years!
Day 21. Your Wheels- I hope this counts? Everyone says the bike seat feels comfortable!(:
Day 22. Weather- Sunny and Cloudy.
Day 23. Love- Flowers and hearts are nice for "Love".
Day 24. Accessory- A Guatemalan, butterfly hair clip my Grandmother bought for me.

Thank-you, Kianna and Ali for this amazing challenge!

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