Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Photo a day Challenge Week 5

This surely was an exciting photo challenge! Thank-you very much, Ali and Kianna!
It's really helped me to sort through my photos Although, one whole month is too time-consuming. I'm not doing it that long again!
So, here's week 5. (I was busy yesterday so I'm one day late.)

Day 25. Portrait of someone- Ela é minha melhor amiga ("She is my best friend" in Portuguese).

Day 26. Action Shot- Take action before the baby falls off his bike.

Day 27. Close up- I love bee pictures. It's all about patience!

Day 28. Angle Shot- Willow Trees- This is my brother's statue.

Day 29. Shadow- My friend and I.

Day 30. Food- I like grapefruit, limes, apples, bananas and lemons!

 Day 31. Sorry for it being a bit blurry. It was a great idea though, no?

And for September 1st I have a little special photo:

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  1. Loved our photos,especially the action shot. Last picture was so sweet.