Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A letter to God

For week two at Compassion Blog Month (I'm a bit late, sorry about that) I am assigned to write a letter to God about letter-writing (fun, right?!).
So, here goes!

Dear God,
I have never written a letter to you before I'm supposed to be writing about letter-writing. This is going to be interesting! (:
Since I heard about Compassion Int. in Alex and Brett Harris' Start Here book, I've had a lot of fun sponsoring Priscyla! She's been writing awesome letters to me, giving all her love to me. She's impacted me a lot! (:
She is amazing and a great Christian girl. Priscyla writes to me about her schooling, friends, and prayers 
(She asks me to pray for her). I write about things like that, too. I tell her about events in my house, I ask for her to pray for me (It gives me more peace of mind telling her!) and I always send her stickers!
 I try to write so she can picture in her mind what I saw in her mind. 
I'd write tons of letters to her if I had more stamps! Writing letters and getting her sweet handwriting in my family's mailbox is wonderful!
Well, I've got to admit-Writing to You is fun. I have to do it again!
With Love,

So, that is my first letter to God. Wow, that was incredible! (:

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