Friday, November 22, 2013


At this moment, I am sitting on a couch in our living room, covered in a blanket with a plate of sour skittles (my favorite candy, by the way!) and a can of Arizona Tea. I'm listening to Pandora, and I'm just getting over a cold. So, yes, I'm telling you about my night...although some people aren't even awake anymore at this time of night (or, if you live in Nepal or someplace like that, you may be wide awake).

One thing you must know about me (which may explain why I'm writing this) is that I am an extremely random gal. Meaning: I may randomly burst out some fact about Jamie Grace having a birthday in November, or that my bedroom is messy and I just cleaned it five minutes ago...or that I wonder what the word "delirious" means while I feel drugged by Nyquil (that stuff is nasty) last night, then ask my sister to ask my Mom what it means. I instantly regretted that and called her back. Blame it on the Nyquil. ;)
 And I can never drink water when I have a cold, so that is a real bummer too! I've had cranberry juice, Gatorade (not good at all unless I'm really thirsty!), apple juice and lemonade, but water simply isn't something I can drink while sick. It's terrible because I really like water. After this sickness is past, I am going to drink about ten glasses of water.

So here I am on the couch with my skittles and tea, writing about my life tonight. But I am loving every minute of it...

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