Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Photo-A-Day Challenge (Week 1)

Happy December to everyone! I found a great photo-a-day challenge called "Capturing December" from Lianne and I want to share it with you memory-makers.

A photo-a-day challenge is simply a list of items you are supposed to take a photo of every day of that month. Then, you can upload the photos every week to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or a social media website of your choice. So whether you wield an iPhone or take a gazillion photos on a dSLR, I think you're in for a fun holiday season of photography!

Here are my week's worth of photos:

1. Something You're Reading. (I'm going through old journals...I actually have ten)

2. Your Idea Of "Cheer." (watching my happy little brother eating a gingerbread house)

3. Candle. (candles are wonderful at making an inviting environment)

4. Today's Temperature. (so cold it snowed a little!)

5. Green. (well, my nutcracker does have a little green)

Have a great weekend and a happy holiday!

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