Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Country Road

My Dad and brother went deer hunting on a beautiful piece of property one day earlier this year.  As we waited for them in our van, I decided to get out and take some photos (it was completely safe, too).  It was 7PM, and the trees shaded the road from the evening sun.

I tried some angles, varying from way down low to holding the camera high above my head.  The tire tracks from our van and past vehicles made deep, swirly imprints on the sand, and this turned out to be my best low-angled shot of the evening.

I edited this photo using Lomo on Picmonkey.  I didn't want it to turn out too 'photoshopped', so I faded it out a bit.  The lighting was simply gorgeous, and I kind of hated to leave after the hunters arrived. :)

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