Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two Rabbit Friends

 I was at my Grandma`s house this July, and her yard seems to always have at least one furry rabbit frolicking around in it.  In the neighbor`s yard, there were two of them, and I got out my telephoto lens so I wouldn`t scare them.  This little one above was nibbling on some grass, and he reminded me of Beatrix Potter`s Peter Rabbit.

I faded out most of the background, and kept only the rabbit and grass in color.

The other one looked like a jackrabbit, and just stood on the concrete, staring off into the street.  He had this sort of profile look, and only hopped a little ways every minute.  Very laid back!

My Grandma sometimes complains about how one baby rabbit likes to snuggle into one particular patch of grass in her yard, thus creating a bare piece of ground.  But she writes cute poems about her backyard rabbits for the grandchildren, and I know she likes them.  And so do I.

Happy October!

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