Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resurrection Sunday

Hi, everyone! We had an exciting Resurrection Sunday! Our grandparents came to our house and my older brother hid the Easter eggs. His ideas on where to hide them were hilarious! One egg he hid in some small garden cactus near our porch and another he hid in a drainpipe! But when we thought we had found all the eggs we found that one was missing!
We looked and looked.....and looked. But we couldn't find it at all! And my brother who hid the plastic egg couldn't even remember where he'd hid it! I guess we'll find it in the Fall when there's no grass around.

Almost all the eggs I found had a quarter each in them and I ended up with two dollars. And a minor sugar rush! We had lots of chocolate and marshmallow rabbits, Reese's peanut butter cups, and other things that we don't get to have very often.

And my little brother saw words on one of the plastic eggs he got in his basket. It said "Jesus Saves". The whole rest of the day he walked around the house showing the egg to us and telling us, "Jesus saves!". He was so cute!

Our Church service was great. Our Pastor talked about some very interesting things I never knew about.

This was where my brother hid the egg in the cactus.

My little brother says the funniest things sometimes! After he ate the arms off this
 marshmallow rabbit, he told me (He was so serious about it!), "I eated the bunny's arms off and now him can't hold anything!"

We love to die eggs! The multicolored ones were so fun to make!

How was your Resurrection Sunday? I'd love to know so leave me a comment if you want.

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