Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playmobil Guinea Pigs

 Since one of my favorite animals is the guinea pig, I was looking at a website today about guinea pigs. There was an article on the website about Playmobil Guinea Pigs. I showed my little sister and she said, "Awww! They're so cute!"

Oh, and did I tell you already? My guinea pig Inca went to live at my Grandma's house (due to the fact that the owners of our house don't like pets in their house). Since we've moved my Grandma is loving her to pieces!
Inca keeps her company along with her little Shi Tzu Bailey.
I'm glad Inca found a good place to stay because I was running out of people who would keep her!

Well, anyway, my little sister was asking, "How much does it cost?" and, "Can I get it?". She loves this little play set!
She loves guinea pigs almost as much as I do so she's been jumping around while I've been looking on Amazon.com to see if it's any cheaper there. By one dollar!
Eight little guinea pigs, a 'grass' platform, and two lettuce heads. $7.99 for best price (or $9.88 if you buy new).
But she's loving it just the same no matter what the cost is!

Two of the little toys look a little like my last two guinea pigs which is cute! So if you want to check it out for yourself please click on the link above.

Tell me what you think of it!

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  1. Aw how sweet. We have 10 guinea pigs we have a mom and 8 babys and a dad. We love them very much!

    - Joyfull, Emily