Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspirational Blog Post!

The well-known blog run by Alex and Brett Harris, The Rebelution, came out with another blog post a little while back. It was amazing. Click here to read it!
It talks about how a judge publishes a letter in a newspaper and it sort of goes viral. It is a definite must-read post! It was so motivating, actually, that I found myself raking our front yard a few minutes later! Just telling you readers, I wouldn't have really done that if I hadn't read it! (;
My pile of leaves...It looks bigger in real life, trust me!
Judge Gilliam must have been one awesome person to write such an inspirational letter!
P.S. Keep praying for Asia Bibi! Tell anyone you know about her! Thank you,

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  1. That is inspiring! Thanks for brining it to my attention! ;)