Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Sari!!!!

A sari is a long strip of cloth. But not just any strip. The details are amazingly done. Sometimes, they are even handpainted.  And I own one myself.
Ever since I saw a family friend (who happens to live in India) in a sari I've wanted one for myself. My new thing to look up was the Indian Sari. All different colors. 

Once, in Walmart, I saw a Indian woman wearing one! It was gray and black (not really my colors but it was pretty) and it was amazing to me. Of all places to see one, Walmart! And, I had never seen one outside of a picture.

I  told my Mom and Dad that I really wanted one for special occasions. I chose a violet-red one.

My parents bought it for me (even though I could have bought it myself) and it took a while to come. I was just waiting for even a small look at my first sari. I thought about drawing it and doing all sorts of things with it. 

I'd have to be very careful with it. I'd have to learn the "technique" of wrapping it around me (and believe me, you need patience, self-control, and an optimistic view of things to get that done!). 

And, oh, the little kids wouldn't stop touching it! This was my sari, I just got it, it had just been unfolding, and already kids were commenting on it, touching it, and my baby brother was 'all over it'! He was telling me in his baby talk all about it. 

The photo above was my first attempt so far of wrapping it. If I was allowed to show my face online, you could see just how excited I was! I was all smiles!

Click on the link below to check out the sari I bought: 

Oh, and I plan to keep myself better concealed in clothes more than the lady above! The price is pretty high but it was worth it! I love almost everything about it, (although the blouse comes unsewn)! In fact, I plan to buy another one as soon as I have extra cash put aside. My Sponsorship takes up most of my money! But I enjoy it.

This is the one I plan to get: 
This is my personal thought of Indian Selections' saris sold on Amazon.com. I hope this was helpful.

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