Friday, November 9, 2012

U.S.A...The President's Re-election

On November 6th, millions of Americans voted for the Candidate whom they thought best. Many people voted Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden. But whether or not Governor Mitt Romney was a good choice, President Barack Obama was re-elected into the White House for the next four years.

According to, President Barack Obama's Approval Rating is like this: Approve 51% Disapprove 46% Undecided 3% (click here to see the details.)

As our family watched the elections, I was writing in my journal, trying to get in all the details. Here are some little excerpts from my writings:"(Romney) is in a tight race with (the president)...I'm nervous/waiting...I'd rather have someone else in charge of our nation! In fact, I'd rather have (God)!...Romney "missed the boat"...But God has a plan...I don't like how He's going about it. But it's not about me, or anyone else, not liking it....(The re-elected president says) "We've got work to do""

When President Obama was making his election speech, he left out something very important...and he also said some things that he should have left out. When he said what makes America strong, he did not mention "godliness" or anything of the sort.
What do you think these next four years will be like?
And, by the way, I'll be posting a surprise on Saturday! Hope you all will like it!

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