Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Biking Adventure With Paprika

A friend of mine came to my house with her camera.  After a few just-for-fun photography video interviews (some we would never post online!  They were just too funny!), we headed outside, cameras in tow.  It was a sunny, hot day...but photographers are supposed to do almost anything for a good photo, right? 

In my backyard, wheat is growing high.  It's so beautiful on a windy day (amber waves of grain, you know). 

We went biking down the road a ways before coming to a hilly area near a huge field of corn.

We hopped on our bikes after pushing them up the hill, and found flowers on the shoulder of the road.  The daisies growing there were so tiny and beautiful.

On our way back, Paprika (that's my friend) stopped for a bit to photograph a bird, and I went ahead to a pasture where cows were walking past a barn.  One cow was slower than the rest, and as she rounded the corner, I shot photo after photo.  I wish I'd brought my telephoto lens, but next time I'll be prepared!

We trudged back inside.  My legs were aching a bit because of all the uphill climbs, but our brothers had made chocolate chip cookies (and this time, they didn't burn them, but that's a different story!).  That made everything better.  And I also got some good photos that day!

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