Saturday, June 14, 2014

My First Shoot

Today, I shot clays for the first time.  Strike that.  I shot a gun for the first time in my life.

It's the most amazing thing I think I've ever done (besides a headstand, I guess).  And when you eject the shells to reload, it smells like fireworks!

The group I was in shot .20 gauge shotguns and an over/under shotgun.  I felt a little discouraged at first because I didn't hit a single clay in the first round (nobody did, in fact), but after getting the hang of it...and shooting incoming clays, which are easier...I shot three clays in a row!

We switched areas with another group later on.  The area was open with fast, outgoing clays (those are a bit harder to shoot).  I think that was more fun than the last place.  I shot four in a row, and would have shot five had the wind slowed down a little more.  The last round, however, I shot ten out of fifteen.

The instructor told me that my dad and brother should watch out because I'll be better than them. :)

After watching the other people in my group shoot, the man let me finish the day off.  He kept giving me shell after shell until he ran out!  I said "pull" to my heart's content (well, not really...I would've shot at least 50 more clays if he'd had enough shells and time!), and by the time my mom came to pick me up, I had a lot to tell her about. 

Before I left, the instructor told me to come back soon.  I definitely will...after I get my own over/under shotgun!

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