Thursday, June 26, 2014

Slide from a Different Angle

In our backyard, we have a play set.  It's way too small for me, of course.  But I like to take pictures of slides from various parks we've been to, all from different angles.

I might just write a post featuring those photos.

I've seen B&W photos with a subject and clouds behind it, and wanted to try it out myself with this particular slide.  Unfortunately, I didn't show as much sky as I had wanted.  The good thing is that I can always do it again...all I have to do is go outside!

I've been on a black-and-white kick for a while now.  It's been interesting experimenting with a loss of color.  And yet, it kind of adds color to the subject.

Here's a challenge for you:  Go out with your camera and experiment with just black-and-white for a whole day (most cameras have a setting that allows you to change from color to B&W.  Otherwise, just take some photos and edit them on your computer).

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