Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Relaxing Sister

We were flying kites one day not too long ago with our grandparents, and had a brilliant idea.  After we ran out of string on the kite we'd put in the air, we tied another round of string onto the plastic holder.  Then another, then another.  We ended up tying 5 other lines to that original string!  That came up to over 700 feet of line!  We could hardly see the kite, much less the now-tiny string.

Little sister took a turn holding the string for a while.  After relaxing on the grass, she passed the line to little brother and sat up.  I was sitting behind her, taking photos of baby brother blowing bubbles through his little wand.  I thought sister looked pretty, closing her eyes and feeling the breeze.  This was the only photo I took of her in this pose.  I liked how it turned out.

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