Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tea Party

All the girls in my family were invited by our Grandma to a tea party at her Church a few days ago.  It was a wonderful experience because I remember going to annual tea parties when I was younger.

Before we moved to a different house, Mama would host "Tuesday Teas" for us kids.  She and one chosen girl or boy (yes, the boys in our family were invited!) would prepare all the necessities for the tea while the others took a 30-minute rest time.  My little sister plans them every once in a while now.  She's the little hostess in our home... she wants to open a Tea Room when she grows up!

The Church ladies brought all kinds of foods.  Cucumber sandwiches, grapes, banana bread, cake.  They also brought their teapots as table decorations.  One lady said hers came from England!

There were many different types of tea in little glass bowls, and big pitchers full of hot water sat on the table in front of us.  Everyone talked and laughed with each other.  We shared stories and talked about lots of things.  It was great to hear about when the older ladies were children and what they remembered.

The tea was delicious.  Little Sister had six cups!  I had three (using the same teabag twice). 
My Grandma stood up and talked about a Tea Room in a building she remembered way back when.  We girls helped hand out recipe booklets from the old business. I had the honor of drawing a name from a container to see who would win a beautiful bouquet of roses in a pretty vase.

I like tea parties.

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