Saturday, October 11, 2014

Granny's Recipe Box

I was at my Gram's and Granny's house last month, just hanging out, when I thought of something random.  My French teacher had once told me that her mom makes the best mayonnaise cake in the world.  I remembered that my Granny had also told me that she had a good mayonnaise cake recipe.  So, I asked her if she could find that recipe for me, so I could write it down.

Granny searched through her closet, and found a really old-fashioned box with a lid that was propped open by recipe cards stuffed into it. 

She looked through it, and we took a few minutes to find the recipe.  All the while, I asked questions about her recipes.  One of her relatives had given her the box, along with a few recipes Granny didn't know of.  Granny had collected many of the instructions, and one by one, they were put into the box.  She makes some of the absolute best food I've ever had, and I was really excited when I found my Mom's and Dad's wedding cake recipe.  Granny had made the cake as her wedding gift because it was so big and expensive. 

When we found the mayonnaise cake recipe, I jotted it down on a blank index card and put it in my "busy bag" that I take with me on trips.  I liked how Granny had a few stories to tell about some of the recipes in her little box, and it was a lot of fun listening to them.

When it was time to put the box away, I asked if I could take some photos of it.  She agreed (probably a little surprised that I had asked), and I took all these photos, and then she placed the box back in her room. 

I still need to try that mayonnaise cake, but I'll bet it's one of the best cakes in the world...right alongside my French teacher's.

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  1. Nutmeg, so sweet of you to write this about your Granny. She was happy to see and read what you took time to write about her and the recipes. Thanks to Dad for letting us know to look it up. I read further and was impressed with your photos and details of info. Good job dear granddaughter!! Keep up the goodness and I will try my best to REMEMBER to check out The Godly Photographer more often.
    Love from Gram and Granny!