Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Don't you just love that word?  It brings up a bunch of other words, like rough, smooth, hard, soft...

For this series, I wanted to do something way out of the ordinary for myself.  I don't really take photos because of textures.  I photograph things because they look awesome, in my mind.

I went around my kitchen and living room, dodged Lego blocks on the carpet (no easy task when there are a lot of kids in the house), and got really close to the items that piqued my interest.  The ones that had a lot of texture to them.

This one had a lot of different feelings to it.  The flower bead was smooth with tiny indents; and the weaving was rough.  I liked all the colors being in the same group. 

So, that's this week's challenge, per se.  Take a bunch of photos of any textures you find, and tell me about them!

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