Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guitar Player

My little brother doesn't know how to play a guitar.  He has a toy instrument, and he uses a quarter (Yup, a coin) as a pick.  His guitar is badly untuned, and is missing two strings.  He fingers the remaining strings from the top of the neck, and he doesn't know a single chord.  He's a lefty, but doesn't have a left-handed guitar, so he holds it upside-down.  But no-one in the house cares, and he doesn't care for lessons from me.  We listen to him strum out, and nobody flinches when he starts his off-key piece.  He's the sweetest.

I took this picture to show him what he does.  It was just a quick shot, no in-camera framing.  But I found how great it looked, especially in black and white.

So, this is a post about my little brother who plays a 4-string guitar upside-down with a quarter for a pick, doesn't have a chord chart, and doesn't worry about people not liking his concert.  Because everyone always likes it, and sometimes, we ask for more.

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