Monday, March 4, 2013

~Adoption (Part I)~

It's something I've said so many times. I've already made plans for putting aside money for adopting a child.

No matter where I have to travel, or what age I need to be to meet the adoption requirements, I have insisted that I will adopt at least one boy or girl.
I have even designed my own house to fit my adoptive and biological family. I research countries and their adoption laws; I think about what I need to meet their requirements; and all the while I am putting aside money for it all! Either that is persistence or I'm a big dreamer.

I like basing my inspiration for adoption on James 1:27-"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: To look after orphans and widows in their distress..." Not only do I feel the need to help the fatherless, I feel the inspiring call of eventually bringing home one of these orphans.

I believe the adoption of a parentless child is something beautiful. It is an act of love, of hope, of care.
*Love: You are bringing someone into your home to care for him or her, to love the child God has chosen for you.
*Hope: Imagine the joy of the orphan when he hears he has finally been received into a real home, and now has a loving family. He has hope for a wonderful new life in his forever family.
*Care: An adoptive parent has been so impacted to adopt. The parent cares to give time, money, love...almost anything to give an orphan a home.

I see photos of orphans and destitute children practically every day.  They are not always the sad, half-starved impoverished...the image most people imagine to be. These kids know how to smile and laugh and be glad. But most of the time, they lack one thing that is very important in their lives. And that one thing is love.
Love can be pictured in many different ways: Hugs, prayers, memories. I've read the phrase "in loving memory" dozens of times. In fact, our family watched WALL-E last night and watched the end credits. One sentence way down near the bottom read "In loving memory of....1981-2003." I had never noticed that until last night.

People care to love. It is a selfless act of kindness to love someone or something. And "love," I think, is one of the words that define the reason of the persistence to bring an orphan into one's family for life.

Hearing the story of love from the fatherless' perspective is special. In some instances, you can feel what they have felt...just be listening to their stories. The emotions are what bring people together.

*Note: since this post would have had over 750 words in it, I have decided to create another part to this post! Check later for more!

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