Thursday, March 7, 2013


I had the pleasure of helping clean at my Grandma's house! Cleaning is one of my favorite things to do (I hope some people reading this can believe that) just as long as it's another person's room or house. That way I see new things that I haven't seen before.

But all work and no play is fairly 'boring' sometimes. So, we went thrift-store shopping! I got two pairs of clothes, a couple books, a purse that matches a hair-thing I own exactly (what a coincidence!), a beaded  picture frame for my friend, and a poodle keychain for my little sister's friend!
I was there for 10 days.That is probably the longest I've ever stayed away from my whole family!
It really wasn't that bad. I liked it. It was a little crazy, though (being away from home that long?!)! But after a few days, we saw plenty of changes! I found interesting items in her house! An old newspaper about horses, things like that.

It was raining one day and my Granny's dog, Sandy, ran away because she is scared of lightning and thunder. We put up a few signs when my Granny called and she was excited. She'd found the poor dog. We had a vet check her up and everything was just fine.

On another day, we were driving past a bunch of horses. Not once did they put their heads in a good position for a picture! I love horses and I said it seemed a little 'unfair' that some people have more than three horses in a pasture and all I want is one! My Grandma said that if she had the money and I lived closer to her she'd buy me one. But I don't!

My favorite site to look for horses and dream that I have one is EquineNow. My best friend loves horses (like me) and she told me that even a miniature horse costs around $1,000. To us, that seems like a lot!

But the week went very well, even if I had been a little homesick (OK, I was pretty homesick, at that!).

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