Monday, March 11, 2013

~Adoption (Part II)~

On many days, I click over to adoption websites, hoping to find resources and requirements. I am always on the search for the ability to convince my parents to adopt at least one little orphan! But I realize these current laws may be obsolete by the time I myself reach the required age to adopt.
I've been looking into Haitian adoption, but I  never knew the established law is that one must be at least 35 years of age and 19 years older than the requested child. I was thinking, "35 years!"
Everything seems satisfactory, but I don't want to sit around, waiting to adopt from Haiti until I 'm 35!
I'm sort of the "jump-right-in, let's-do-it" kind of girl. When it's something I'm inspired to do, I immensely dislike waiting.

I would gladly read fine print, or learn the order of adoption, but the cost of bringing an orphan into one's care always throws me off....$20,000-$40,000?! I would do good to start saving! :)
Not just the money, either! Adoption is more than having cash.

And then I think of the orphans with siblings. They want to stay together, and I love the idea...even though it would usually mean spending twice the amount of money to do so! The thought of only adopting one sibling and leaving the other behind is a thought I hope to never go through with.

I have a board on Pinterest titled "My Dream House." Currently, it has 30 pins on it, compiled of decorations, rooms, furniture. But the many other pins I feel I am missing on the board are children! A house is not complete without kids, with only a few exceptions.
My house will be absolutely filled with children: Biological, adopted, teenaged, babies, multiple different descents. But as long as I am unmarried (and will hopefully continue living with my family until I am), I will keep on praying, loving, searching...and saving.

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