Thursday, March 14, 2013

Forever my Brother

It's been a long time since I accepted Jesus into my heart. My big brother helped me along with a drawing of what would happen if I didn't accept Him. My brother convinced me that if I did not give my life for Jesus, I would go to the "other place". He drew a smiley face when he wrote about heaven, and a sad face when he wrote about hell.

My brother is helpful to be around, even when he stalks me when I'm trying hard to skype -alone- with my best friend, or when I want to sit in my little corner writing a story, or when we play Apples To Apples and he doesn't want me to get the card for "smart". 

He listens in to my best friend's phone calls (especially when we get talking real fast and excited-like), chases me around the whole perimeter of our wooded backyard,waving his airsoft gun, trying to aim at his escaping sister: a.k.a. me. He doesn't listen to stories of what my favorite music artists did, and anything like that. But he's a special friend to me.

He's been my friend since I was a tiny baby. He'd cover my car seat with a blanket and stick his head in, saying, "Boo!" He once asked my mom to take a video of his foot. His foot, are you kidding?!
If he needs help with spelling a word, he usually comes to me. I like that. It makes me feel like I know something he doesn't. And I sometimes do.

What a brother I have! He is awesome. He's seriously my friend forever. I have a deep passion in being around him. Unless, of course, he wants an airsoft battle when I don't. He loads up the high-powered things, and begs me to "play". How can one play when they're getting pelleted with airsoft BBs? Anyone who has ever 'played' airsoft probably knows they hurt!

 He's a repeater. If I sing something a lot, he'll randomly burst into the parts he's heard most...badly out of tune.:) He knows what makes me excited.
One minute, he's talking with me. The other minute, he's in his room! What a boy! What a great family member! He's the first-born, and an awesome one at that.

And he is forever my friend...

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  1. That's so nice! Me and my brother Sam are talking one minute and then throwing ball at each other the next! It's funny, he's the oldest in the family too!