Friday, March 15, 2013

The Friends

One of my best friends came over a while back (Last Summer. I just haven't gotten around to posting this!) and we had so much fun!!!! We did a sunset photo-shoot.
It started when we looked out my backyard-view window and saw a beautiful sunset. We took one look at each other: We were thinking the same thing. I grabbed my camera on the way out. Our two little sisters tagged along too.

 The two little girls gave in to a 'little girl photo-shoot' and I came up with some great pics.
From left to right: My little sis, me, and my friend.

I  like doing a  "heart made with hands" photo-shoot every once in a while!
I haven't the slightest idea why I took this photo...but I like it! :)
Our sisters.
My friend and I. My sister took this photo.
Isn't it fun when the friends come over? I always wish they could stay longer!!!!