Friday, December 27, 2013

December Photo-A-Day Challenge (Week 4)

December is almost over (and so is 2013), so this is the second from last week for the December photo-a-day challenge. Have a merry last-of-December!

20.  Merry and Bright  (one of our Christmas decorations)

21.  Your View Right Now  (I was standing in the middle of the road while my Dad brushed off our mailbox)

22.  Red  (I love drinking coffee...unless it's black. Black coffee tastes weird.)

23.  Presents Under The Tree  (lots and lots of gifts)

24.  Favorite Holiday Tradition  (our family does the Jesse Tree every year)

25.  Morning  (the aftermath of unwrapping's a good thing you can't see all the trash!)

26.  Bundled Up  (Baby's first time in the snow)

Happy New Year!

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